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Not sure which service is right for you? Maybe you feel like you want to get a feeling of who I am and what I do. OR you've heard of Dr. Dan Pompa and the Pompa program and want to know more about what I can do for you as a certified Cellular Detox Specialist trained by Dr. Pompa and his cohort of practitioners. YES to all of those!!  Schedule a  30 minute Complimentary Connection Call to tell me a little bit about your frustrations and current story. I can assess your needs and help guide you to a place of relief through a personalized transformation program that's the right fit and budget for you. This gives me a better idea of the level of service you need and to customize your plan accordingly. Plus I love meeting new people who are working towards wellness!


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Tired of trying to keep your health history straight? Or think about when you are at a new doctor filling out your history and can't remember all the pieces and how frustrating that is because you know you forgot something that you're sure is important! Maybe you're a patient advocate for a child or an elderly parent and wish you knew their story better. This service provides a compilation of your health history, diagnoses, conditions, past traumas, past surgeries, past and current medications and supplements (successes and failures), past and current treatments, family history so you can better understand how it's all connected and what to do next. It includes an interview to close the gaps on your information and you walk away with a detailed timeline and your own My Health Resume™   which puts it all in a useable form for you! Having this tool will help you determine next steps on your wellness journey. Owning your story helps transform your wellness!


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Do you have a constant symptom cycle that may include weight loss resistance, insulin resistance, thyroid issues, metabolic syndrome, blood sugar regulation, fatigue, brain fog, cystic acne, bloating, anxiety, digestive issues - just to name a few? Have you been told you have a certain diagnosis and don't really know next steps on how to manage day-to-day life? Or maybe you've been told your labs are normal but you still don't feel well and you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and told everything is normal. Solve My Matrix is a deeper dive beyond your My Health Resume™   and looks further your health history and analyzes current issues and symptoms, assesses prior lab work and testing, tracks current and past supplementation and medication, as well as a thorough look into your current and past lifestyle behaviors and patterns to determine how it all connects together to get to the underlying and upstream cause. By taking the time to investigate all of your body systems, your lifestyle and prior history, you are able to make educated decisions on how to move towards wellness. This comprehensive and transformative series includes a My Health Resume™ Analysis, a Lifestyle Framework Assessment session, Lab Education and Review Session (if applicable), a Toxic Burden Evaluation and 6-12 wellness strategy sessions over the course of 3 months followed by enrollment into the Concierge Connection membership with monthly perks and benefits. 



Have you recently had labs run and don't understand what they mean for you? Schedule a lab review and education session so you can understand your biochemistry from a functional perspective (NOT disease or pathological in focus!) and learn how to optimize your wellness. This session includes:

  • Complete functional analysis and report which will be explained to you in depth!

  • This session DOES NOT diagnose or provide treatment for illness as we are not looking for "disease" or  from a pathological perspective.

  • I teach you how all of your systems work together and what to look for when looking at your lab work so you can make educated decisions based on your personal biochemistry markers. 

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