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What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is at the core of functional medicine, which is an integrative approach to healthcare that attempts to understand and resolve the underlying root causes of imbalance and illness in the body. Functional nutrition is at the core of the functional medicine approach for the prevention and resolution through the why of pathology, focusing on the root cause and assisting in closing the gap by educating people through a personalized framework of mindset, nutrition, movement and lifestyle.  Functional nutritionists can help fill the gap traditional medicine desires to do but doesn't have the time due to the current healthcare system.  Functional nutritionists help you embrace your story and ultimately manage your wellness. 

To do so, functional lab testing, supplementation to bring someone from deficiency to sufficiency, while working at getting to the root cause of the underlying issues is the focus of such resources in the data collection mode of your discovery. These services are not typically covered by insurance, but many HSA/FSA accounts do cover outside testing and supplementation. 

Testing and Supplementation

For clients who want to check their own labs, this is a great option. For custom and specialty lab orders when working with me, I use a different lab that allows significant savings for out of pocket costs. 

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Choose from a wide variety of products that meet rigorous quality testing standards. Everything from A to Zinc, collagen to pet products and even home care products to reduce your toxic burden Use code TWM to get a discount on your first order. . 

My Favorite Products to get started

Additional Resources

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Many individuals do not realize that there is a connection between eating well and seeing well. has created a guide explaining the connection between eye health and nutrition

A few of my Favorite Functional Practitioners
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