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About Sarah

Everyone has a story about what woke them up and shifted their mindset on being the driver of their own wellness journey. For me it was two major "aha moments".  The first was in college as I was pursuing a career path towards becoming a physician. I shadowed a fourth year med student and my eyes were opened to the fact that traditional training only included a few weeks of understanding nutrition and how it impacts disease processes. As a science major, it made no sense to me, thus my switch to Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics where we had more science classes than the pre-med students! The second came when I was finally diagnosed (after several misdiagnoses from over 15 doctors)  with late stage Lyme Disease and coinfections and had to be my own patient advocate navigating the medical system that was unable to help.  I lost over a decade of quality of life to this illness but chose to fight and figure out how to heal. The path to wellness was hard.  It was painful.  It was exhausting and frustrating. It took work - hard work. I failed, won, and failed multiple times with varying treatments. Finally, with the help of my supportive and amazing family (specifically my husband), my personal scientific foundation, two  functional medicine physicians willing to take me on, nutrigenomics, consistency,  proper nutritional support, a positive attitude and lots of prayer and reliance on my faith, I have been able to heal.  With intentional choices and intuitive responses, I live by the mantra "move when allowed, rest when required" and feed my body, soul and mind consistently to maintain health and wellness.  I would love to help you shift your personal wellness matrix and be part of your wellness team if you're willing to commit to doing the work and bring me alongside you and your current practitioners!

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Education and Qualifications

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Certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist (HCF/TCD)

Board Certified Drugless Practitioner (AADP)

Board Certified Nutrition Coach (AANWC, ANWCB)

Board Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner (AANWP, ANWPB)

Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC) - FxNA

Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst (ODX Academy) 

Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Science Specialization (SMS)

Full Body Systems Graduate (FxNA)

Private Consulting and Lyme Patient Advocate 

Stephen F. Austin - BS Nutrition & Dietetics/Biology/Chemistry

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The Wellness Matrix Philosophy

Everything is connected. Your body works together in precise systems and is influenced by internal and external sources. You have the power to manipulate your outcomes and shift your state when you are intentional about your choices and intuitive to how you respond to such choices. That is accountability! The Wellness Matrix incorporates the principles of functional nutrition and meets you where you are. By being able to have power and control on your wellness journey, success will follow.  Understanding your own Wellness Matrix gives you the ability to be your own advocate, understand your state of well being and put nutrition in your own hands. Be empowered through awareness, education, and a full understanding of how your personal matrix can be shifted or sustained for optimal wellness.  Life is a journey; participate fully and love each moment as it comes through intentional nutrition and intuitive health. Let's shift your matrix together!

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