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Custom Plexus Services

Beyond the Bottle Club

Need more understanding of nutrition topics or how to use Plexus products effectively? Have a desire to be more of a wellness coach than just sell supplements? Do you have questions when it comes to complex cases and just want to ask an expert in the field of nutrition? Read more about the Beyond the Bottle Club options!

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Nutrition Services

Have those complex clients who are "outliers" and need more than you can comfortably offer?  Have your own nutrition needs? Select from the 2 custom services to work with Sarah individually. They have bee discounted from the regular pricing for Plexus customers. 

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RESET Services

For the VIP or Brand Ambassador looking to customize their RESET experience or get personalized strategies for their own team. From appropriate preparation to a solid post-RESET plan, even including how to incorporate PIVOTAL, select one of the services offered!


Sarah has consulted for The Pink Link Plexus team for two years providing classes, groups, trainings and general nutrition information that arises when encountering customers. As a result, there are several ways to grow your basic product and nutrition knowledge, as well as address your own or refer complex customers to a professional who understands the product line AND the field of nutrition. Select from one of the categories below that fits your needs!

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