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Meet Sarah

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I love helping people and I love the complexity of nutrition and how each person has their own individual story and "wellness matrix" that they are able to influence and manipulate with intentional choices and intuitive responses. Let me partner with you on your wellness journey and walk with you to help you transform your story and impact your overall goals.  Want to know more about me? Click the "my story" button below for details on how I was able to personally use functional nutrition to impact wellness.

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"I've tried various approaches to losing weight over the years: low carb, Paleo, meal plans provided by personal trainers/gyms, etc.  All of those worked for a short time, but never felt sustainable and old habits would slowly creep back in.  Working with Sarah has been a totally different experience. She listened to my goals, what aspects worked or didn't work on other programs, and what daily habits I already incorporated to create a personalized and sustainable plan for me.  Where other plans were drastic changes, she offered small, manageable tweaks to my habits and helped me build on those over time.  She also taught me how to listen to my body and how it responds to what and when I eat.  Her personal and individualized approach has helped me shift my focus from just weight loss to include overall better health.  And since it is now a way of life, and not a fad diet, I know I will reach and exceed my goals.  My only regret is that I did not tap into her knowledge and experience sooner!"

Erika L. - Houston, TX

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Being intentional about your choices and intuitive to those choices cultivates personal awareness and impacts your overall wellness. 

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