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Individual Connection Session

This is a 30 minute FREE session where we discuss your needs and explore what Services (Individual Sessions or a Connection Series Package) are the right support for you to achieve your wellness goals.  No customized next steps specific to your goals will take place at this consult. Should we decide to move forward, an initial session will be scheduled and session options determined.

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Individual Connection Session

This individualized session is a complete analysis of your current state of wellness that includes, a comprehensive health history analysis that captures your complete health history and puts it on a tangible timeline for your records, as well as a one page summary for future medical appointments. The analysis also incudes any previous labwork you have had done, current supplementation use, and an understanding of your current symptom matrix. Knowing your story is owning your wellness!

Assortment of Pills


Limited Connection Series

Have a drawer full of supplements and not sure how to take them? Do you use supplements from direct marketing companies like Plexus, Isagenix, QSciences, Thrive, Advocare, etc and want to maximize their benefits by taking them at the right time? This service will analyze the supplements you are taking  and help you understand what they are meant to do, how they interact with each other and other medications, and appropriately place them throughout your day to maximize the benefits with a Matrix Supplement Strategy.  



Individual Connection Session

Have you had a bunch of labs done lately and want to know more about what each test means, what it was ordered for, and what to do with the information? Functional interpretation is different than pathological interpretation. We aren't looking for diseases, rather how your systems are working with or against each other. Select this service to gain a better understanding of your labs and what they mean. As a functional blood chemistry analyst, I can help you understand your full body systems and what your labs are saying along with lifestyle education to help you improve or maintain your state. You will receive a comprehensive Functional Lab Matrix detailing your recent labs.

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Connection Series Packages

Connection Series Packages bundle individual services together for discounted pricing with the option of a discounted monthly membership maintenance once the series is completed.  Every Connection Series Package includes a Personal Matrix Analysis, Wellness Strategy Sessions, and On Call Support.  Once we've established your goals and needs in a Complimentary Connection Call, a Connection Series may be offered as the service option of choice.