Not sure what you need? Schedule a Discovery Session to see which services fit your goals. Schedule a Strategy Session for those specific goals like getting a handle on your supplements,

understanding your labs, or gaining insight to your health history.

 For specific information about each session, click on the Strategy Session Details link in each service.. 

Matrix Discovery Session
Digital Contract

This is a 20 minute FREE session where we discuss your current goals as completed on the survey and explore what Strategic Sessions are available and if The Wellness Matrix is the right support for you to achieve your wellness goals.  No next steps will take place at this session and should we move forward, an initial session will be scheduled. 

Supplement Strategy Session

Have a cabinet or drawer full of supplements and not sure how to take them? Do you use supplements from direct marketing companies like Plexus, Isagenix, QSciences, Thrive, Advocare, etc and want to maximize their benefits by taking them at the right time? This service will analyze the supplements you are taking (or think you need to take!) and help you understand what they are meant to do, how they interact with each other and other medications, and appropriately place them throughout your day to maximize the benefits with a customized Supplement Matrix. 

Lab Review Session
Blood Samples

Have you had a bunch of labs done lately and want to know more about what each test means, what it was ordered for, and what to do with the information? Select this service to gain a better understanding of your labs and what they mean.  You will receive a comprehensive Lab Matrix detailing your recent labs. 

Health History Matrix Intake Session

This service includes a comprehensive health history intake session to capture your complete health history and to put it on a tangible timeline for your records. Typically it takes from 90 min - 3 hours depending on the length of your history. Price varies due to time used and includes 1 hour processing time and compilation of documents.  This is a great tool to have on hand for future doctor's appointments, specialist appointments, and as you age and need to rely on dependents for your care.  Knowing your history is owning your wellness!

Wellness Strategy Sessions

 Individual strategy sessions ranging from 30-90 minutes customized to help the client understand which nutritional strategies to incorporate to work towards achieving personal wellness goal(s). This service may also be booked as needed for established clients to go over specific nutrition needs as they arise in working towards shifting your personal matrix. . Client receives a Matrix Action Form after each session with specific steps and strategies outlined for implementation until the next session. 

Wellness Accountability Session
wellness strategy session 30~mv2.jpeg

This 20 minute session serves as a customized accountability check-in for established clients to go over specific nutrition needs as they arise in working towards your wellness goals.  Often this is the time to go over food journals, sleep evaluations, supplement tracking, etc. and tweaking or adjusting as needed. Accountability is highly necessary for clients to achieve their overall goals. *If more time is needed, we will move into a Wellness Strategy Session. 

Social Media Strategy Consultant
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Are you creating content for a private group? Needing material for a post? Searched the web for catchy information but aren't sure if is correct or not? Use this consulting service for a proof-read/edit of your nutritional content on your posts before sharing., graphic design to accompany posts, intuitive posting and graphic creation based on group engagement  and needs and/or time in group answering questions related to nutritional content.  Price varies depending on needs. *Price may be determined on fee per person in group. 

Customized Wellness Matrix Class
Virtual Team Meeting

Have you ever wanted to hire a consultant for your nutrition education content, as a guest speaker, or to teach a specific wellness class on a hot nutrition topic customized for your group? Hire Sarah to do just that! Schedule a FREE Matrix Class Discovery Call to discuss your needs and budget. 

Nutrition Education Webinar
Virtual Team Meeting

A quarterly (or monthly) class scheduled in a webinar format covering basic nutrition topics such as gut health, label reading, Intermittent Fasting, hormone balance, etc. in a group setting. Each class will be offered to anyone desiring a more in-depth knowledge of the topic and Ultimate Matrix Members receive admission to the class as part of their plan price. Nutrition Webinars can also be customized for your specific group and are quoted based on the number of participants.